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Who do I contact CSRM about a query I have?
Please call Jackie Hensher for any HR related queries or Samm Collingwood for Payroll, expenses or holiday queries on our mobile number which can be found on the bottom of our emails.

How do I know how much holiday I have accrued?
If you are in a full-time role then your full 34 days is available from the beginning of the holiday year, (20th March).  If you are on a zero hour contract then you will accrue 0.15 of a day for each day worked.  Holiday can only be taken once accrued and holiday must be applied during shut down periods.  All holiday accrued is required to be taken by the end of the year (19th March).  Any periods of unpaid leave will affect your holiday entitlement.

For any holiday queries please contact Samm Collingwood either by email or telephone.

What uniform is supplied free of charge?
Instructors/Fleet FULL TIME: Shirt x 4, Trousers x 3, Waterproof x 1, Gilet x 1, Soft shell x 1, Polo x 3.

Customer Facing Admin/Others FULL TIME: Shirt x 3, Soft shell x 1.

Instructors/Fleet PART TIME: Shirt x 2, Trousers x 1, Waterproof x 1, Gilet x 1, Soft shell x 1, Polo x 2.

Customer Facing Admin/Others PART TIME: Shirt x 2, Soft shell x 1.

Additional uniform can be purchased at cost.

What employee benefits do I receive?
We run a pension scheme with NEST, to which you are auto-enrolled (working hours dependant).
Uniform is provided free of charge where required.

We offer free eye tests for roles where you are required to regularly DSE (display screen equipment).

What is the Specsavers Eyecare Scheme?
CSRM offer free eyecare with Specsavers to staff who meet certain criteria.

To qualify for an eyecare voucher, you must regularly use DSE (display screen equipment) as a significant part of your normal work (daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more).  

The DSE regulations do not apply to workers who use DSE infrequently or for short periods of time.
Employees are entitled to one voucher per year.

The Specsavers scheme will provide you with a DSE eyecare e-voucher which covers :-

  • A full eye test which includes retinal photography if you are over 40 or your optician recommends it.
  • One complete pair of glasses from the £45 frame range, fitted with standard single vision lenses plus a scratch-resistant treatment when required solely for DSE use.
  • OR the £45 contribution can be used towards an upgrade to other frame ranges and you pay the difference.
  • Premium Club is an integral part of every VDU eVoucher and it offers a further £20 contribution when glasses are selected from the £99 frame range or above, thus giving you a combined contribution of £65.

*Priced £99 or more, fitted with standard single vision lenses plus a scratch-resistant treatment.
For more information or to request a voucher, please contact Samm Collingwood.

How do I qualify for External Training and Development?
All training and development is agreed through our Performance Management process.  The development is approved, based on the requirements for your role and the needs of our customers business.  Occasionally training is as much a benefit to the employee as it is to us the employer and we may occasionally ask you to contribute in part or sign up to a cluse statin that the cost should be refunded to us if you leave.

What is the process for claiming mileage?
Business mileage in excess of the return mileage to your normal place of work can be claimed.  The rate per mile depends on your vehicle engine size. Please use the mileage form listed in the section called Staff Room.

What is the process for claiming expenses?
Please use the Expense Claim Form listed in the section called Staff Room.  Complete the form and scan your receipts and email to Samm Collingwood, plus post the form and original receipts to the CSRM Admin address.  We aim to pay all expense claims direct to your bank account within 48 hours but we might sometimes have to question entries.  If you think that an entry might cause a query then it is always worth giving us a few lines of explanation to save time.

Am I entitled to SSP, SMP and SPP?
Yes, is the simple answer.

What do I do if I have a problem with my wages?
Contact Samm Collingwood by email or telephone and we will sort out your issue as soon as possible.

What is the process for recommending friends for employment with CSRM?
Depending on the role they would like to be considered for i.e. Instructor, Tour Host or Support Staff, as them to complete the relevant application form on the Recruitment Page and send to Jackie Hensher HR Manager.  You might also want to send an email to Jackie Hensher if you feel your recommendation is a strong one.

How do I find out what my CSRM employee number is?
The number will be emailed to you on starting your employment with us.  It will start with the letters ‘CS’ for employees or ‘SE’ for self-employed.

How do I get to know about other opportunities within the business?
Vacancies for new roles will be announced by email from the HR Manager to the email address you register with us.

How do I progress to reach a higher pay band?
There are a number of ways that your pay can be increased.
1. By being promoted to a different role that is in a higher Pay Band.
2. By your role being reviewed and upgraded to a higher Pay Band.
3. By receiving an individual merit increase at the annual pay review.

What do I do if I can’t access the Resource Tool?
Speak to your immediate Line Manager or the HR Manager initially who can escalate your query if they cannot help.

What do I do if I can’t access the ‘Excellence’ on line learning site?
Speak to your immediate Line Manager or the JLRE training department initially who can escalate your query if they cannot help.